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Long Island, New York Computer Parts & Upgrades


Computer Parts & Upgrades


Do you feel like your computer needs to be revived or even resurrected?


Mike's Tech Spot will thoroughly examine your system and then depending on your requirements and area of usage will advise you on the best course of action. Don't be fooled by others who will tell you to install unnecessary and expensive items or peripherals, or even tell you to scrap your current computer! You might not have such high requirements and a simple memory upgrade or display card swapping might be the requirement.


If you think that the computer needs to be revamped, then there is no better place to get it done than at Mike's Tech Spot! Our experienced technicians derive pleasure from building you a better machine and delivering the computing speeds that you deserve! Why wallow in the dungeons of slow speeds and sluggish performance when you can be doing your job on a blazing fast machine?


Productivity will be drastically increased once you have the new components installed. A task that previously took 30 minutes on your old system might be done in under 10 minutes! That is the extent to which a simple upgrade could revitalize your system!


We Provide the Following upgrades:


Memory Modules- $25 installed in-house | $50 installed on-site
Processors - $75 installed in-house | $100 installed on-site
Graphics cards - $50 installed & configured in-house | $75 installed & configured on-site
Motherboards - $125 installed & configured in-house | $150 installed & configured on-site (Please see note below.)
Internal BackUp Hard Drive without data transfer - $50 installed & configured in-house | $75 installed & configured on-site
Internal BackUp Hard Drive with data transfer - $75 installed & configured in-house | $100 installed & configured on-site
Extra Internal USB ports - $25 installed in-house | $50 installed on-site
Wireless and Bluetooth accessories - $50 installed & configured, ONLY for pre-existing devices & networks, on-site only
Replace Router - $50 installed & configured, on-site only


Let Mike's Tech Spot help you make the most out of your time and money.




Motherboard replacement must be a matching board.

A different model motherboard requires additional work performed for an additional $150. 


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