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Computer Tune-Ups

Computer Tune-ups


Quick Computer Tune-Up / Cleaning: $75 per computer in house | $100 On-site | Remote Connection Online $50

This basic tune-up includes:

  • Checking how your computer is booting & what is loading into memory
  • Inspecting for malware
  • Diagnose security protection levels
  • Check system for latest operating system patches
  • Clean up operating system environment
  • Adjust settings to optimize computing environment.

Note: Only for computers running at least Windows XP.

Our Premium Support Yearly Subscribers:

Get this service free once a year with their paid subscription, in-house service only.
On-site would be a charge of $25.00 and you must be within our service area. (Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn)

We also can perform this service via a remote connection. for a fee of $50



Bronze Computer Tune-Up / Cleaning: $100 per computer in house | $125 On-site


Our standard tune-up includes the above procedures plus:

  • Performance-tuning computer system
  • Optimize memory utilization
  • Update antivirus/anti spyware definitions if needed
  • Install security patches
  • Test connectivity (Internet / Network Connection)
  • Apply operating system upgrades and application updates
  • Perform system clean-up
  • De-fragment hard drive.



Silver Computer Tune-Up / Cleaning: $125 per computer in house | $150 On-site


Includes all items in the Quick and Bronze tune-ups plus:

  • Eradicate malware,
  • Install Security Package,
  • Inspect hard drive for corruption,
  • Examine & verify operating system file integrity,
  • Analyze system-loaded processes and streamline as needed,
  • Clean up system registry,
  • Investigate hardware conflicts, and apply updated manufacturer drivers or firmware if needed.
  • Provide Antivirus and Spyware protection. (Trial version only)



Gold Computer Tune-Up / Cleaning: $200 per computer in house | $225 On-site


Start Fresh! 'Get rid of all the junk'.

We reformat, clean, recondition, & restore computer inside and out back to its original out-of-box performance; includes

  • Installing and applying operating system security patches
  • Installing high-priority system updates
  • Updated patches to applications & drivers
  • Install Antivirus and Spyware protection software provided by the client or TRIAL versions of the software that we use on our own systems.

Note: Original System Disks are required.



DISCLAIMER: We only supply TRIAL versions of software. The client is responsible for purchasing the license required to keep the software up to date from the respective software companies. WE DO NOT SERVICE APPLE PRODUCTS.



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