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Job Search

After 15 years I have decided to get back into the job market. Most people would ask why after so long would you choose to do this? The simple answer is. I like my current full time position with the exception of certain aspects. That being said I have decided it is time for me to seek a position doing something I truly love. That is pretty much anything related to computer repair or consulting. I enjoy the challenges that being a Computer Technician brings me. I have always been someone that enjoys a mental challenge. On top of everything else my business has not been that good for the last couple of years. I figure that since business is as slow as it has been the best option for me is to try and obtain a position where I can still utilize my skills. If I can obtain my desired position I have every intention of continuing with my business after hours. If I cannot then I will be forced to close up shop completely since I will no longer be able to continue under the current market conditions. If this happens I will of course will continue provide service to my current clients. However, I will not be taking on any new clients. That’s all for now. Wish me luck!

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Where is the advertising?

I have had several people ask me lately. Where is the advertising on my site? The simple answer is this. I do not have any. The reason being is that I believe that everyone has that right to be able to visit a website and not get bombed with advertising. A lot of website have ads on them to help generate money. They get paid to display those ads, in some cases they get paid each time users click on the ads. I feel that my knowledge and know how should be enough to pay the bills. I DO NOT and never will rely on ads to pay my hosting bills. This is why you will never see any ads on my. I may add links to other sites merely for informative purposes but nothing more. Please enjoy my site WITHOUT the ads!

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Working on a friend's website.

I have been working on a friend's website for the past week. Alliance MC, this is a website belonging to a clean and sober motorcycle club located in Amityville, New York. They are a great bunch of guys that do a lot of charity work. Their next big event is called Life Ride. Anyone interested in helping a good cause should check it out. 

Life Ride

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Computer Tune-Ups Special


I am currently running a special deal until August 1 2014. Get 25% off of any of my Computer Tune-Up services. All you need to do to get the discount is print the attach coupon and schedule an appointment with me by phone only. DO NOT use the website appointment book. You will not get the discount.

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Welcome to Mike's Tech Spot

Welcome to Mike's Tech Spot Blog. I will be posting everything from technical updates to website related updates here. Please subscribe to whatever category your like. You can subscribe to more then one.

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